• Both in the classroom, and online.
  • Students answer using their smartphones or laptops.
  • Find, remix or modify exercises from the Courselets database.
  • Write your own exercises using our fast, effective Open Response Concept Testing methodology.
  • Powerful and easy tools.
  • Free and Open Source.

Learn a new concept now

  • A courselet is a short lesson that helps you really understand an important concept, typically from multiple angles that many students miss.
  • A courselet challenges your understanding with real-world problems designed to expose common misunderstandings or subtleties.
  • A courselet really takes off where most materials end: your errors. By helping you classify exactly what your conceptual mistake was, a courselet helps you understand a new, hidden aspect of the concept, and see how others resolved that mistake.  Your mistakes become your most important learning tool.
  • A courselet connects everyone trying to learn that concept, and every concept to related concepts and other materials online (such as Wikipedia).

You can search Courselets.org for concepts you want to learn. You can quickly take a courselet in a single sitting.

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